5 Ways To Profit From Growing Your Personal Network (Forbes)

Darrah says, “I can track most things that have happened in my life — both personally and professionally — back to a relationship I’ve had with someone. Once I met a man at a networking event and he asked to interview me on his podcast about my kids books. Several months later, he randomly wrote about Network Under 40 in Inc. Magazine which generated global interest that facilitated our expansion. You never know how you can help someone, as well as the power of their connections and influence.”

From Meetup group to full-blown business (CNN Money)

From fielding sales pitches to dodging pick-up lines, networking events can be a mixed bag. After watching her friends struggle to develop a post-college community in Atlanta, Darrah Brustein decided to host a networking event of her own for the under 40 crowd. Brustein, who heads up a credit card processing company with her twin brother, created a Meetup group to spread the word.

The Roundtable: Gadgets Past, Present & Future (Atlanta Tech Edge)

Joining Dana at the roundtable: Kickr Design COO David Sanborn and CEO Addison Shelton and the co-founder of Equitable Payments and founder of the Network Under 40 organization, Darrah Brustein.

A Better Way to Network with Darrah Brustein (Business 1190)

Darrah Brustein, Founder of Equitable Payments and Atlanta Under 40 joined Eric in studio to talk all things networking and how to remain connected with contacts. For Teambuilding Thursday, Eric and Darrah also discussed how you can make hiring friends and family work (she should know… she works with her brother!).

Warrior Women: Darrah Brustein (COCO ECO)

Darrah Brustein is a young powerhouse female CEO. She is also an author known for founding the innovative payment processing platform, Equitable Payments, as well as the rapidly growing networking group Network Under 40 and Network Over 40. We love how passionate she is about giving back by creating companies that make a difference, and her many impressive accomplishments.

Why Networking Doesn't Work (Inc.)

I used to dread attending networking events and crowded conferences. I’m a bit of an introvert and it always felt awkward walking up to a stranger and trying make small talk. It wasn’t until I realized that some of my greatest opportunities have come because of a chance connection made at a conference or networking event that I started appreciating that dreaded networking. I realized I needed to think of networking differently to make it work for me.

Darrah Brustein’s Unstoppable Nature (Hypepotamus)

If any one person could do it all, it would be Darrah Brustein. After co-founding Equitable Payments, Darrah went on to start Atlanta Under 40 and even wrote her very own children’s book series, Finance Whiz Kids (teaching parents the basics of financial literacy through engaging illustrated stories). Oh, and she’s also a contributing writer to entrepreneur.com. We had to know how she juggles it all so we sat down with her to get the scoop.

Why These 11 Noteworthy Millennials and I Are Proud to Represent ‘The Worst Generation’ (Huffington Post)

Millennial expert and author of Liquid Leadership, Brad Szollose, sheds insight onto why this generational divide has occurred. Brad states, “They say we have five generations in the workforce for the first time ever. Not true. When I started working at 16, my grandfather was also working. We’ve always had several generations in the workforce. But this is the first time we’ve had five generations with very different, and sometimes opposing behaviors and expectations.”

AJT’s 2014 40 Under 40 Winners (Atlanta Jewish Times)

Darrah Brustein, 30, is the CEO and founder of Equitable Payments, Finance Whiz Kids, and Network Under 40 with a B.A. in Italian Studies and Religion from Emory University. Darrah has served as the manager of J&Company’s Southeast territory and the head of marketing and business development for LifeKraft, Inc. She is also a member of Dynamic Entertainment System’s Sales and Business Development.

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