Want to feel happier? More successful?


Better connected? More profitable?


Have a bigger, more powerful network?


Be more effective?


Find a shortcut to opportunities and resources?


The solution to all of these is having a thriving network.

If that sounds daunting, intimidating, wasteful, transactional, stuffy, boring, tedious, or draining, you’ve likely been doing it wrong.

Building and nurturing your network (aka a community of friends and real relationships) should be fun and energizing.

As the founder of a community of 30,000+ people as well as Forbes’ contributor on the topic, allow me to share with you what I’ve learned.

Seriously, I love this stuff and it gives me a lot of joy to offer it to you!

Follow along with these videos as I guide you through some of the most common questions by offering tips, strategies, and insights into how to cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships.

These are precisely what I’ve used to design a life I love and grow my company into 38 states single-handedly through relationships!

I’m eager to hear how integrating them into your life helps you to be happier, land that next client, or discover an opportunity you never knew existed through an introduction from a new relationship.