Darrah has authored children’s financial literacy books Finance Whiz Kids as well as contributed to publications like Forbes, Yahoo!, Inc, Entrepreneur, and Little Pink Book. Check out some of her pieces below. Also take a look at her blog www.thebetwixter.com.

Six Steps For More Effective Goal Planning – Forbes.com

Goal planning is not just for the new year. Without a destination in mind, we can’t make a map to get there and end up meandering aimlessly. For this reason, I’m an advocate of goal planning and visioning. I’ve developed my practice bit by bit over the last decade,...

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The Unconscious Power of Brands – Entrepreneur.com

When we buy something, we like to think we know the reason why. We move through the world feeling in control of our actions; and the decision to purchase something is no different: We think we bought that new product because it had the best features, the best price or...

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8 Tech Pioneers to Watch – Entrepreneur.com

Tech entrepreneurs have climbed the ranks to grace the same magazine covers that once were reserved for Hollywood celebrities and world leaders. Each year, we see more innovation and success in this space, and 2016 is no exception. The pioneers profiled here come from...

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3 Men Leading the Fight for Equality – Entrepreneur.com

The battle for women’s rights has come a long way over the years, at least in Western nations. Yet, on average, women earn considerably less than men in virtually every occupation. With the wage gap looking increasingly like a wage chasm, it’s easy to place the blame...

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